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Making Waves!

Hello, I’m Leah the owner of The Aquarium Vintage.

My shop is a fantasy wardrobe consisting of eclectic ‘one of a kind’ vintage clothing. Garments range from rare pieces of bygone eras to popular vintage staples.


My project began in 2011 with a small collection of vintage clothing I’d gathered while travelling through North America.

I’d worked in a few vintage shops to learn about fashion history, running a business and to add to my growing collection of vintage. Once I began picking bulk vintage I saw the immense oceans of discarded clothing and felt it was crucial to work more on keeping fashion sustainable. We have an abundance of fabulous clothes in the world already; why not keep their lives going?

As an aspiring businesswoman my desire to create a livelihood for myself paired well with this new mission to emphasise the importance of recycling clothing the world already has.

The Aquarium Vintage was born!

The business name itself came from a rejected job application at The Vancouver Aquarium. Instead I created my own watery-wonderland / “aquarium” to work in, hence the ocean theme.

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At The Aquarium Vintage you can find a unique collection of hand picked items, still sourced from North America.

Some garments date as far back as the 1920’s, although these gems are becoming rare. I house treasures from the 1950’s - 1990s with the exception of some unforgettable Y2K pieces.

Vintage is a great outlet to express individuality through pieces you’ve personally searched and rewarded yourself for. I love helping people piece together an outfit or to connect someone with an incredible garment.


My vintage adds diversity to Melbourne and keeps this city colourful. If you shop at The Aquarium Vintage you’re: buying a one off piece, supporting small local business while endorsing sustainable fashion.



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