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Fishing for Treasures

Hello Melbourne!

We are open and ready for you to come fishing for treasures. We are telling the world about it too!

Read our feature in Broadsheet and come on down.

A lot of us like to revive nostalgic fashions from the past to create an individual style.

Perhaps it’s also the sport of rummaging through every nook and cranny of a vintage-clothing store that really has us supporting sustainable fashion.

For long-time fan of the vintage scene Leah Brimblecome, the reincarnation process is the draw. She loves giving life to something unwanted or old.

Her High Street Northcote store specialises in North American retro, pop-culture and costume pieces. The Aquarium works by selling your pre-loved items on your behalf, on a consignment basis.

The store stocks trinkets from I Love Lucy and records from All-Caps Vinyl. There’s also a courtyard space out the back where The Aquarium hosts regular events and night markets.

There’s a life-size glittery mermaid mounted on the wall, and fishing nets, clamshells, sand and toy lobsters decorate the space. It all makes for a fun and fanciful shopping experience.

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