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Hello, I’m Leah.

I’m a vintage collector, but I’m more notably known for selling and passing vintage on through my store The Aquarium Vintage.

This, that you’re reading, is perhaps a fashion blog.

Now, for me, as a vintage collector and seller, I don’t feel it’s my part to predict trends and review current looks.

Instead I’d like to use this blog to educate folks on fashions of the past.

Which is imperative to understanding the fashion of today and know where a lot of inspiration has been drawn from.

If you’re interested in fashion, knowledge in past styles is virtuous. Knowing what was worn through different periods, decades and eras is wise.

But it’s more stirring to understand why.

Learning the history of fashion and garments has been the most fun part of my job and its something I like to share with people.

I’d also like to use this blog to share my experiences of running a business.

I hope through some of the work I’ve done, you may feel inspired to start something of your own.

Now, how about a bit about my love for vintage?

Why has vintage clothing been an interest of mine?

Well, I guess I’ve always enjoyed finding something that little extra special.

Something that isn’t necessarily what people are wearing in the main stream. Something that, when you find it, you feel like you’ve discovered a hidden treasure. Alone in the rack its been forgotten. Once found, its new life with other fanciful pieces will flourish.

Finding vintage in op-shops and markets is more adventurous we all know that, but finding a piece you connect with in a vintage store is also exciting.

The shop owner knows its special, that’s why its there. Not only that, but connecting with a place where everything is treasured and when you purchase that piece you both are pleased with the new journey it will take with you.

Well, hey, that’s me: The buyer and the shop owner.

Making a living out of vintage has been humbling.

Connecting people with a unique item. Sharing its history.

Complimenting someone that that piece adds to their awesomeness.

Knowing that selling that garment stopped that person potentially buying crap manufactured in the dark realms of Fast Fashion (that’s another topic).

I digress, in conclusion to my vintage clothing fixation I appreciate the journey clothing makes and the reason its here now.

Whether its expression of individuality, adornment, a political statement or sunshine on a cloudy day. Its story and reason for existing is fascinating.

Have a read. I hope you learn something new, appreciate vintage more and feel inspired to use clothing to add to your awesomeness.

| Leah |

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