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Ahoy Sailor!

Sometimes incredible stories unfold when you work with vintage clothing.

One day someone will walk in and say ‘I wore something just like that’ and they tell you something special about the piece you have e.g. who designed it, when it was fashionable or just the story of their own version’s past.

Other times someone will consign something, which they bought for a specific event or made themselves. They can give you the item's history.

The most exciting thing is when you connect a story yourself.

A true vintage detective!

I recently received a sailor’s shirt; a beautiful white American naval issue shirt in great condition.

I dated it as perhaps early to mid century from its construction, fabric and style. When closer inspecting the shirt I found the sailors name inside the shirt.

I did some research online to match the name to a sailor.

The only match I found was a captain who died in 1890. He drowned at sea.

Could it have been his shirt?

It makes you wonder. Well I’d like to hope it is.

If he died in 1890 as a captain then this was his sailors uniform from years before, perhaps even decades!

I now have it to treasure and care for.

You can come see this shirt hanging on the wall in the shop. Next to the Mermaid.

Vintage Sailors Shirt

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