Starting a Business

The Aquarium Vintage & Costume - Northcote Store

So you want to start a business?

Well, this is one thing people always ask me about. I’m happy to share my experiences, mistakes and lessons learnt.

I didn’t have much help setting up my business so I’m always keen to help others because I feel excited for them and like being a mentor.

Two things to consider way before you start:

1. Do something you LOVE!

I would not recommend starting a business unless you love the work you’re about to embark on in every aspect!

If you adore fashion and styling but hate selling to people then maybe working in retail isn’t for you. Maybe you should be a stylist.

Think of the aspects you LOVE and weigh it up against the attributes you despise and tailor your business around that.

Remember starting a business is a career choice, a lifestyle and a big deal!

Be 100% sure this is something you love.

Test the water and perhaps start working in the field you’re interested in.

I worked in vintage shops before I started selling my own vintage as a hobby.

I found the things that I hated about my previous jobs taught me how to run a business better. While the aspects I loved about the work is something I replicate here in the shop.

2. You Better WORK!

In the words of Rupaul: ‘You better work’!

I have Rupaul’s picture up in the shop and I relate everything I do back to this motto.

If you want anything you have to work for it!

We all know that, but with this subject in mind you need to work a lot!

Running a business is not easy. It requires constant attention to morph and evolve with changing trends and demands. You need to be organised and be prepared for busy moments or the slow months.

You need to prepare for the fact that you will work 7 days a week with early starts and late nights. Sometimes without days off and less holidays than you’re perhaps used to.

But whom are you working for? YOU!

Rupaul -  'You Better Work!'