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A Thoughtful NY Resolution

The Aquarium's New Year's Resolution - Sustainable Wardrobe

The New Year is here! Have you set a New Years resolution yet?

Why not make it to be more thoughtful with your shopping habits?

Here’s some helpful info to help:

  • Invest in your wardrobe. Spend your precious pennies on well-made items that you can cherish for years. Being more thoughtful in your investments means you'll own and throw out less. Prices may seem a little harsh on your purse, but you’ll end up investing in quality and buying less cheaply made knock offs.

  • Buy local and support small business where you can. Supporting shops like ours in your local neighbourhood keeps us on the street. Boycotting chain stores keeps Melbourne's shops diverse. You don’t seriously think K-mart comes up with their designs. It all comes from somewhere else so support those originators.

  • Stop buying fast fashion! You know the consequences so lets stop ignoring them. Shopping for vintage and second-hand is more rewarding for the environment and to your spirits. When you find a treasure that connects with your uniqueness the feeling is serendipitous. Fashion is the third biggest contributor to global pollution. We have so many wonderful treasures in the world already and buying second hand helps save the planet.

  • Style yourself to your individuality. Screw trends! There are plenty of great shops that stock one of a kind items or limited collections. Focus on items that represent you and you'll find getting ready is less stressful. Choose your favourite colours that suit your complexion and play around with flattering silhouettes. Styling becomes fun when you understand what works for YOU.

  • Make shopping a joy rather than a chore. Set yourself a budget and consider your purchases with conviction. Shopping with purpose means you'll be proud of your wardrobe. Restrict yourself buying items that won’t go with the rest of your wardrobe. Only by clothes that “Spark Joy”.

Here are my special additional tips:

  • Find yourself buying dresses for special occasions that are only worn once? Why not invest in your signature dress, a frock so magical, empowering and uniquely YOU! Who really cares if you wear it on every special occasion? It just shows the world you own something you adore. I had the same New Years party dress that I wore every year for 3 years, and on many additional occasions. Sadly, I don’t fit it anymore but I’m replacing it this year.

  • When it comes to winter-wear invest in natural fabrics such as wool, leather or fur over synthetics that provide minimal warmth. Please only buy second-hand leather or fur. If your Vegan or Vegetarian it’s important to understand the damage is done and we cannot change history but we can save these items from landfill to give them a second deserving life. If you keep warm with efficient outerwear then there’s no need for so many layers. I have a divine native Canadian wool coat I’ve owned for 6 years. It’s white so it goes with everything. It’s the warmest thing I own making it my main staple for winter.

  • If you’re broke try to shop at local car boot sales and flea markets. I love spending my Sunday mornings at markets. Treasure hunting is even more rewarding when you meet the original owners of garments. They can give you a history to their items and give advice on how to style what you’re interested in.

  • I am very particular with my style. I’ll buy items that make me feel bright, distinctive and fabulous therefore my items can be worn casually and formally. I blend those categories and have found no matter what my items suits all occasions. Don’t be afraid of dressing up. It’ll make you recognisable and perhaps inspire others to put effort into their style too.

Here at The Aquarium Vintage we love connecting you with items that are sustainable, ethical and thoughtfully collected and presented to you for the purpose of bringing uniqueness to the world of fashion. Put yourself in clothing you connect with and shop consciously in 2019

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